FSC Business Case/Security Issues

If we do not address the cause of our problem, we cannot stop the reactions and the consequences. In our surveys speaking with and interacting with the youths of all ages in Milo, we found:

  • Boys club group: (gang members in every family),
  • Kids on the corners (not feeling safe except in groups)
  • Milofest function: “Whatsup Gangster” is a greeting of respect, even to young girls.
  • Having babies is a sign of being grown and manhood.

Kids must have a protector to feel safe in the neighborhoods, schools and homes.

We are dealing with the residual effects of insecurity. The HEROE in the family in the communities where the violence is prevalent is the Gangster or the thugs, not the providers in the home. Growing up without stable fathers or men in the homes creates a feeling of defenselessness among the young ones. They grow up in areas where bullies and street corner drug peddlers exercise dominion. Most have a Hero in their family to call, who is a thug, and everyone knows that they will come to their rescue if confronted. This is how they grow up feeling safe and protected. Those who don’t have a Hero seem to extend their families to claim gangsters for this security in the hoods so as not to get “dissed”.

While growing up most of the youth develop anger management issues that stems both from abandonment, being treated like a problem and not an asset, and the fear of being bullied and/or constantly disrespected. Labels like lame, soft, and weak signifies to them a sense of hopelessness and uselessness.

With no home structure to facilitate success, they have no vision or visible method to archive or set goals.  Discipline within a structure is viewed, by them, as a method of control and domination in order to somehow be used or misused. Respect is viewed as a weakness instead of strength.

Guns and the propensity for violence are viewed as power and strength. Many get depicted as having mental disorders due to their nervousness and their inability to deal with various forms of fear.

They have problems in school and are placed in slow learner groups, further demeaning their personal esteem. They lose or never gain any self dignity or respect. Fears of abandonment, mistrust, insecurity, rule and drive their lives.

A weapon and “getting a hustle on” quickly becomes a recourse to gain esteem, status, respect (street creds), and it gets them a place in a group or family with usefulness and power. These are the mainstream of the males and their reactions.

We know how divorce affects the esteem of children yet we seem to think father’s abandonment doesn’t because it is so prevalent. We know how the violence of war (for one year), effects youths minds, yet growing up with all of these previously spoken dynamics and shootings, killings, weekly does not seemed to be considered concerning these effects on the thinking and judgments of the youth. Fear is torment. Torment brings pain, and hurt people hurt people.

The City shutting down Recreation Facilities in the past, the B/G Clubs isolating and shutting down has put the youth in the streets with no safe structure environments. Much of the violence is a direct result from these budget cuts action and has cost more, and lives.

If we do not address the cause we cannot stop the reactions.

Thank You

Pastor Carl Lee of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Church/CEO Family Services Council

Milo-Grogan Area Commission Planning Chair

Solution meetings and projects and Committees have been formed.

Solutions: Churches/Neighbors/Companies/Government agencies

  • Neighborhood private small work for youth (10, 15, 20 dollar jobs)
  • Apprenticeships/Trades training stipend
  • GED programs with stipends
  • Life Skills management training with stipends
  • Pain management programs
  • Mentoring Counselors  (1 0n 1)
  • Each teach/mentor next level

Our Desired Results:

  • Awareness
  •  Jobs
  • Productivity
  • Unity of Purpose
  •  Coalition of Forces for ACTIONS
  •  Planned implemented action (not just shows)
  •  Solutions Workshops
  •  Roundtable Discussions (inclusive)
  •  Sex/violence
  •  Fundraisers
  • Brainstorming
  • Comparative projects success
  • Data and statistics
  • Demographics
  • Area representatives with teams