The Lord Jesus Christ’s Church

634 Gibbard Avenue Columbus, OH 43201 (614) 299-6034

Pastor Carl and Pastor’s wife Mother Maria Lee

Founder: Bishop John W. Lee & Mother Virgie Lynn Lee

Brief Church History

In 1967, Bishop John W. Lee founded Christ’s Church on Kerr Street in Columbus, Ohio. The Lord Jesus Christ’s Church was charted in September 1972 and settled at its present location at 634 Gibbard Avenue. Bishop reasoned that since Jesus said “on this Rock I will build my church,” he would re-name the Church, The Lord Jesus Christ’s Church.

In 1973 Bishop Lee and The Lord Jesus Christ’s Church joined
the Lighthouse Churches under Bishop David L. Brewer, headquartered in Moss
Point, Mississippi. Bishop John W.

Lee became the Bishop of that organization in 1975. The Lord
blessed the church to begin renovation of the building in about 1988 and a few
years later built the new addition, the fellowship hall, named after the late
Elder Moses Rogiers who inspired many to give liberally to the building fund.

This renovation was completed in 1995.

In 1992, Bishop Lee and Lighthouse Churches and Bishop Woodrow Roach and The New Born Churches of God and True Holiness merged and are now The New Born Lighthouse Churches of the
Apostolic Faith.